D’s ideas for movies #1

So I realize I’m never ever going to do movies really. I just gotta accept that I won’t be able to study a film course or be in a set (directing, acting, producing or just as the consulting writer), I simply won’t make it. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop daydreaming of stories that could be told or imagined.


As my English is getting pretty rusty out of not practicing as much as I should, I’ve decided to create a new category for this blog in English so anyone in the world could have access to it. These “ideas for movies” can be for a whole picture, or just one or another detail for a scene, a way of shooting, a sentence in a dialogue. Anything goes. And maybe, just maybe, someone out there in the world can use these ideas or develop them for their projects – which would be sooo coool :) I ask for nothing, money or rights, I’m just putting it out there in the universe (some of these may be really stupid, I recon), and if ever it can turn into something, I’ll be mostly happy.


All righty, then! As the 1st post under “D’s Ideas for movies”, we proudly bring you a trashy, B-movie blockbuster idea! ^^ Think about… a revolution of nature! For thousands of years mankind has been exploring and destroying planet Earth and now it’s time for revenge. Trees destroying houses, mountains collapsing to block roads, plants that grab cars and play with them as toys, a coalition with seas and oceans to devastate lands on the form of tsunamis and heavy rains which will make the whole electronic devices and communications systems collapse – it’s the apocalypse but in ways that humans could never foresee. They were so proud and egoistic they could never see that plants too have life on them, they are a different form of existence that have a different way of leading life, but would finally rise and come forward to “talk” with humans (as most humans are too stupid to understand by themselves) – to claim their due place in the world, as rulers to be respected and not only mere providers, as the crucial, essential forces that enable life and the very survival of human race. It’s war – humans must surrender or vanish from the face of Earth.


And, obviously the end of this picture would be obscure, like, people afraid of nature and taking the most care to never forget to treat plants right, talking with them politely. Only part of the population will remain, humans will surrender for now. But again, in a thousand years, they will have forgotten or erased from their history records this great war, and they will do everything again…



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