No English for “inferno astral” and the wintery tale

She was reading somewhere about this guy explaining there is no equivalent in English for the expression “inferno astral” in Portuguese, and funny enough he never had it before coming to Brazil – now he has it every year. Sure, we can’t directly translate, but we can explain: something like “the period of 30 days before your birthday when, according to astrology, you are more susceptible to have negative feelings”.

So, as usual, there she was, up for this year’s.

After taking one whole day of depression to put ache to mind – which sometimes we need eh, what’s with people these days that call everything a disease? Sometimes we just need sometime alone, sometimes we need to be in a depressive mood, if there is no downs, happiness won’t be so good. The following week hadn’t been so bad. Sure, some tense and stress piling up moments, to be exact, feeling bloating and fatting, to be miserable, a lot of lazy and “don’t wanna do anything” feelings, to be frank.


What’s better to disperse a mind already dispersed (and wanting to swerve) from reality? Imagining. Whatever else thing that’d take us away from this dark room called “inferno”.



(Am I allowed to finish a post I started writing months ago? Under the current circumstances, let’s.)

So, for the wintery tale.


She thought she would be conquered by the winter. The winter invading. Like one of those terrible warriors of unhistorical medieval times who created empires.

He was tall, huge really, with those coats of fur and guts of fury, hair through the wind, a beard only confirming the manly features, as he was to fight as long as he breathed, as he was not to fall for any types of weather, whether or not he withered for love. In fights, defending the love for his kind, love for his ideals, love for life, or another type he had yet to know.

Then they’ve met. He was unexpected, unprecedented. She had to consult with a savage hidden in a greenery, forestry room, so that she could see the wars of the past. So that she could redeem the churches of last. And the savage had already warned her about the coldness she would have to face upon.

By his side she spent pleasant days – which seemed like so long she had them, far away.

But they had to part. And for a brief she thought they could break the barriers of space and time. For a brief space she thought she could believe in him. Then, came the winter, and she saw him under snow storms. For a windy time, she thought she had to give up.

Nonetheless, on one such suddenly day, she realized therein a flame, a warm feeling without fade (however unlit it seemed to be, by those stormy snowy grey and white winds).

And she couldn’t even comprehend coherently how that could be. She was sent to that quest, but in her mind she was never to find him. The one. The heir to the entire realm of her kind’s legacy. Could it be possible it was him? As much as she was a knight, he was a warrior and they could really overcome the wintery fields to fight together. Could that be? She was not certain. But in this suddenly Sun day, despite the icy, cold plains, a vivid halo of a rainbow relieved a little her heavy heart to hope.


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