This John of mine

What if I told those guys that I have finally found a John of mine?

Would that one regret? Having lost the possible woman made for him out of pride? Expecting her to be waiting for him her whole life, while he himself would be looking outwards open to the chance of getting something better out of his own disguised misery? They were supposed to be a perfect couple, if only had he tried.

Would that other one compare? Finding excuses to be enraged, and not happy as he constantly claimed he would be, pointing fingers that he is much better? Expecting her to realize she only lives in a dream world (despite this one is not a teacher), while he himself is unable to look and see how she was always clear and could’ve given a chance to a real someone, she just needed to want to. They were supposed to be a perfect couple, but it was in his mind only.

But this John of mine is not perfect. And it’s exactly because I no longer care that the Two of Us might actually work it out. This John of mine is not blue-eyed blond, but who said I Dig a Pony tail (like the locks of that original vocal)? There are a bunch billion out there, and Across the Universe, how to know he’s the guy for you? Perhaps it’s less than the signs in the stars, and less of “I me mine, I me mine, I me mine”. It’s more about things we both Dig It, it’s more like we are cool within and without each other, we can just Let It Be (the one this John of mine like to sing, however I like him singing another for me). And if that 1st hearer liked Maggie, the other Mae, less Maggie Mae; this John of mine always liked a Japanese kind, as I am. I’ve got a feeling that we only needed to stop a moment and see we care for each other, and then that wine – not the One After 909, just a simple one, just for us to share. Ok, so maybe, to better understand how to fit this John of mine in my life, one should go through The Long and Winding Road of my past relationships history. Then, For You Blue (wishful thinking it is not), 2nd hearer, and so both you and I can understand why we are not to Get Back, 1st one… here it is.

(The Long and Winding Road)

Bill’s easygoingness.

This John of mine has his boy’s toys too, but we’re easy to get along by.

Zé’s good laughs.

Sometimes we laugh together, me and this John of mine, as the white rabbit stated to be nice.

Mi’s caress and company.

This John of mine can walk with me, side by side, holding hands or, hold me tight.

Ryouji’s Legião.

This John of mine is good to me, we can share a verse of a long-time band, cry or not cry.

Doug’s strive (ideals).

As we are all moved by some romantic ideals (as we all want the revolution?) of a better world, so this poetry of living is upon this John of mine.

Marcello’s  kung fu.

Once I was told of this old ancestor related to martial arts, as unexpected as it may, this was in the past of this John of mine.

Max’s rain, ice-cream, and intelligent thoughts.

Cause it’s not only physical, but rather enjoy a gelatto, (plus, a cup of coffee, simple water); enjoy the rain and the curiosities of language, the possibilities of future or fictional evolutions – all in all, this is also at John of mine.

Dé’s drawing hand.

This John of mine, without an effort, traces my smile on a paper side.

Gui’s spirituality.

With this John of mine, as if by the intent of higher forces of the universe, the spiritual path is not a way out, but to be walked along by.

Thião’s music – and Acquarius, as Elijah.

This John of mine, without an effort, can sing with me, all right.

Nino’s French thing.

With this John of mine, unexplainably mysteriously, a French connection applies.

Hun’s height and other things.

This John of mine is tall and all, he’s soft and discreet, gentle and kind.

Leo’s (!) mystical aspects and the love for nature.

And finally, this John of mine matches me as always it should be; we love nature and animals, different places and tries; we’d like you to join us in this travel that is life, enjoying living, joyfully singing along with the ex-Sergeant Pepper’s mates,

We hope you enjoyed the show

This was the John of mine,

For I am his Yoko, at this beautiful time.


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