Keira Knightley in my depressive times


It’s amazing how Keira Knightley has been present in some movies of depressive times for me. And I am not a Keira’s fan as an actress (sorry), but somehow the characters she plays just manage to capture a certain feeling I have.

So by the time of Seeking a friend for the end of the world (2012) I was really wishing the world to end, but how I wished too to find someone whom we just enjoy being together with, like her character finds Steve Carell’s character.

And then, much later, with The imitation game (2014), she just says “so what” and is willing to accept a marriage based more on friendship and someone you truly care about than anything else. Again, I’ve wished that I had found such a person in my life, to always be there, and walk the path of life together with. Turing ends up alone, but the movie insisted in pinpointing how unique he was and even so he contributed valuably to the world. At the time, I felt like the world was telling me to get married, but I had no one in sight, and I was wishing to do nothing, not wanting to study or to work, and not even wanting to get married, so what?

Now, a few days ago I’ve watched Begin Again (2013), and once again I’m carried away.

Mark Ruffalo’s character is on the verge, he had this really bad day, when everything seems to go wrong and we just want to drink our ways out of it. Keira is a songwriter who is not facing the best time of her life either. They just meet and see on each other something they thought they have lost: hope.

I just love the scene when Dan (Ruffalo) starts hearing the instruments behind Gretta (Knightley) and that song just goes transforming into something bigger and wonderful, exciting. That’s pretty much how the movie goes, as their project to play at outdoors New York grows, including more and more people who just share this big love for music and care for each other.

Lines that tell the truth about nowadays musical industry are just top of the cake. Like the remixes, why she should give the record label her money etc… and doesn’t it resonate when Dan says that something he loves about music is how it can change a common scene into a special moment (“pearls” of life, in his words)?

Keira’s character is just like the girl I once wanted to be. Down to earth, she writes songs with a certain poetry to them and she does this project because she loves music, not for money or recognition.

And both of their characters just end up having a really good time, resparkle this joy for life they’ve been missing, of course we all have downturns, but we can always “begin again”.

We just continue through the projection more and more happy, music can really heighten our spirits. And by the end of the movie I really felt my soul comforted, wishing to pull off an old idea of mine – play an instrument and write songs with poetry. Not wanting to get anything out of it, just because it’s good for your soul.

Hey, and who knows? Maybe that’s just what I’ve been needing. A new sparkle.



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